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Skin Irregularity Removal

Bye Bye

We have the solution for a range of common skin irregularities with VascuLyse Skin Irregularity Removal Treatments

How it works:

VascuLyse Skin Irregularity Removal Treatment utilizes a specialized device to apply a low-level, high-frequency electrical current directly to the skin’s surface. This current effectively cauterizes and eliminates specific irregularities like skin tags and spider veins upon contact. The procedure is non-invasive, typically causing only a mild prickling sensation, and offers permanent results for those seeking to remove skin imperfections.

Why we love it

VascuLyse Skin Irregularity Removal Treatment is beloved for its non-invasive nature, sparing individuals from surgical procedures and lengthy recoveries. Its efficiency is another highlight, often resolving skin irregularities in just 1 to 3 sessions, allowing for rapid results. Moreover, the procedure’s minimal discomfort, typically limited to a slight prickling sensation, ensures a comfortable experience for clients.

The Benefits


Does not pierce the skin


Most irregularities are removed in 1 to 3 sessions


Permanent removal of irregularities


You & Improved


You & Improved


You & Improved

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