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The non-invasive process produces visible lifting results; this is accomplished through photo bio stimulation therapy and modulated micro-currents.

How it works:

This high-performance microdermabrasion system offers complete facial rejuvenation by combining microdermabrasion, Photo Bio-Stimulation, and Micro-Current Technology. Kinelift, a multi-layer skin rejuvenation treatment, stimulates collagen, reduces wrinkles, and lifts facial contours through photo bio-stimulation therapy and modulated micro-currents. Dermalift focuses on neck and neckline lifting using precise pulsated and modulated Micro-Current Technology. Purelight targets pigmentation issues and blemishes, which can be combined with microdermabrasion for enhanced results, making it a versatile solution for various skin concerns.

Why we love it

This high-performance¬† microdermabrasion system is beloved for its effectiveness in achieving comprehensive facial rejuvenation. It combines a range of advanced technologies to address diverse skin concerns, including exfoliation through microdermabrasion, collagen stimulation via Photo Bio-Stimulation, and skin firmness improvement with Micro-Current Technology. Its versatility in treatments like Kinelift for facial rejuvenation and Dermalift for neck tightening, along with Purelight’s ability to address pigmentation problems, makes it a sought-after solution for various skin issues.

The Benefits

Comprehensive Skin Care

It offers a holistic approach to skincare by addressing various skin concerns.


Patients can achieve results without surgery or significant recovery time.


The system's treatment can be tailored to individual needs.

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